State Elk of the Year Committee Chair: Mark Powell

1. The purpose of this standard is to provide guidance in conducting a TESA Elk of the Year Program to honor an Elk of TESA who has:

a. Performed outstanding work within his community, District, and/or State which constituted significant and substantive contribution(s) to and for the promotion and implementation of the goals and principles of the Order and the Texas Elks State Association during a fraternal Lodge year. The goals and principles of TESA are to unite all Elks in closer bonds of fraternity; to further good fellowship among and within our Lodges; to promote and protect the interests of this Order in the State of Texas; to engage in statewide charitable endeavors, and to bear allegiance to the Constitution and Statutes of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, and the ideals of democracy as formulated under the United States Government.

b. Actively participated in and positively contributed to the programs and activities within his/her Local Lodge and Community, Home District level, and at the TESA level.

2. This program is separate and distinct from the Elk of the Year Program of the Grand Lodge which is designed to recognize a Member for the devotion, dedication, and loyalty to the Lodge and thank the Member for the outstanding work the Member has done in promoting the Lodge.