From PGERs and Co-State Sponsors: John Amen and Chuck Williams

Many of you have seen the results from the voting results from the 2017 Elks Grand Lodge Resolutions, which can be downloaded here.

Item 2017-01 “To remove the option of the shortened initiation from the Grand 1665 1195 Lodge Statutespassed. This means that effective August 18, 2017 the shortened initiation ritual can no longer be used. You can start using the long initiation ritual today, but you must use it after August 18th.

IF your Lodge By-laws allow for a shortened opening and closing, you may continue to do so. See (Section 2.010) of Statutes for additional information.

There is not a requirement to conduct an Initiation Ritual during the official visit of the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler.

Should you have any additional questions, please consult with your Exalted Ruler and District Deputy as applicable.