Membership is the life-blood of every non-profit. Every touch point from members to the Secretary, to Chairs and Committees needs to be a positive experience.

2018-2019 Membership Recap

District Deputy, District VP and Lodge Membership Committee Videos

Block 1 – Membership Committees in Every Lodge

Block 2 – Membership – Understanding the Cockpit Chart

Block 3 – Membership – Where to Start


The Texas Elks Membership Process and associated templates that will be used by all Lodges in all Districts

The presentation by PDDGER Ella Johnston-Leger. This is a great presentation on working with multi generations from WWII to today.

This booklet is adaptable for your Lodge to use with new members. It explains our programs, acronyms and other Elk speak.

Request a website for your Lodge. This will allow you to accept online dues payments.

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