The Texas Elks Children's Services Board held a teleconference meeting this morning at 10 AM to discuss our upcoming annual event known as Homecoming. It was decided unanimously by the Board as well as officials of TESA to proceed with the planned fundraiser as scheduled on September 15th and 16th but some scheduled activities may change such as the Golf Tournament (dependent on the condition of the course).


The Board's decision was to refocus our efforts as to who those funds will benefit. Normally, all funds raised for the weekend would be used to support the Elks State major projects which are Camp and Grants for special needs children. However the purpose of this year's Homecoming will be to support in aiding our members and communities that are in and will continue to be in need of assistance for many months to come due to the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey.


TECSI is asking that if you are a member in an unaffected area/lodge with plans of attending Homecoming that you gather supplies and bring them to Ottine so that we can stock trailers with necessary items and distribute them to lodges and area counties in dire need. TECSI also plans to dedicate any funds that come directly to the center for weekend activities such as the Burger cook off, cake walk, ice cream sales, Friday night meal, etc… to help benefit children in the community. This excludes Sweetheart funds and First Lady Funds as their collections are handled individually through their lodges until the end of the year.


At this time our TESA President, John Oswalt is requesting the presence and utilization of the State Drug Awareness trailers to aide in the transportation and distribution of collected goods for the weekend. Trailers will be staged, loaded and transported to affected lodges and community food banks for distribution. We have been in direct contact with the American Red Cross for the South Texas Region and they have provided a list of needed items. Please take a look at the list and bring only items that are listed as we want our donations to be of absolute benefit to their recipients!!!


As some of you know, a nationwide movement is currently underway to help our affected members and lodges through the coordinated efforts of our Disaster Relief Committee and Elks Grand Lodge. It is nothing short of amazing to see how Elks members across the nation are lending their support through the collection of donations, grants and direct shipments of supplies into ravaged areas. Undoubtedly, those committees will continue to work indefinitely to provide necessary aide and in no way is our coordination for the Homecoming event a replacement or redirection of those efforts. This is merely the Children's Services side of the Elks Association's way of contributing to the effort. After all…without our members and our lodges, we are nothing! The time has come to help our fellow members and communities in need and to stand behind our motto of “Elks Care, Elks Share”!!!!


Please join us….let's dig deep and make this Homecoming one of the most successful Homecoming events ever!!!!!


Thank you in advance!!!!