Chuck Williams

Chuck Williams, PGER

John D. Amen Sr

John D. Amen Sr, PGER

Greetings Elks:

A District Advisory Committee (DAC) exists in your respective Districts of TESA and members are Past District Deputies and Past State Presidents. Your District Leader (DL) is Chairperson of the DAC in your respective District. Through the DL, your DAC provides advice and counsel, individually or collectively, to Lodge Officers and Members, in general. These experienced DAC members know protocol, operations and overall management of Lodges and Clubs. Seek out their astute guidance, when necessary! Any Elk should feel free to approach the DL and your District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler (DDGER) for official Grand Lodge guidance. These hardworking DAC leaders in Elkdom have “been there and done that,” as the expression goes! So, your official Grand Lodge links to official advice are your DDGER, your DL and your State Sponsor! We are honored to be your State Sponsor and we wish you each and everyone, the very Best of Elkdom and Have A Great Elkdom Year!

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Charles F. Williams, State Sponsor
John D Amen Sr, State Sponsor
Past Grand Exalted Rulers