Convention Update
Greeting Texas Elks!
I want to give the Association an update on the plans for the upcoming Convention.
The meeting held this past weekend with the President Elect, President Elect Designate, the Committee on Laws, the TESA Secretary and TESA Trustee Chairman have decided on the TESA June Convention. In the interest of safety for our members, the Convention will be held on June 6th via video conferencing only to conduct the necessary business of TESA. The convention Committee will handle the logistics associated with this video conference for any Texas Elk wishing to participate.
President Elect Mike Callahan and I, along with the TESA Convention Committee and Committee on Laws agreed to delay all other convention activity until the end of July when we believe it will be safe for all interested to register and attend. As I stated in an earlier memo, my main concern is the safety and well-being of all Texas Elks.
Continue to use good judgment and follow the rules and recommendations of your State, County and Local Officials We will keep you posted as soon as decisions are reached and pass the word to you soon!
Andy Mishaga
Texas Elks State Association President