Texas Elks Sweetheart and Red Pig Program

The Red Pig program was an off-shoot of the very successful California-Hawaii Elks Association Purple Pig program.  All funds the Lodge Texas Elks Sweetheart raises for the Red Pigs go to the Texas Elks Children’s Services Inc (TECSI).

State Chair

This money is used for free summer camp for special needs children as well as free medical devices that help enrich the lives of those who need it most.

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Karen McCrary is the Texas Elks State Association Red Pig and Interlodge Committee Chair. kmccrary12@verizon.net

Texas Elks support nearly 350 children with special needs every summer. Any child with a special need, between the ages of 7 and 15, who is a resident of the state of Texas is eligible for admission to Texas Elks Camp.  Texas Elks Childrens Services Inc is a 501(c)3, tax exempt number 74-2584826. You can download the IRS Determination Letter here.

Elks Camp has been serving children with special needs since 1987. Children who meet the criteria are able to attend at no cost. At Texas Elks camp the number one rule is to have fun! In addition, Texas Elks award over four hundred twenty-five thousand dollars in Special Grants for Special Children to deserving Texas children with various special physical needs. Our desire is to improve the current and future quality of life for children with special physical needs.

Children across the State of Texas have been helped with hearing aids, wheelchairs and computers with Braille capabilities, special braces, and a host of other devices that make special needs children stronger and more confident as they face their unique challenges. Texas Elks take great pride in this project. We are proud because we see children in our communities benefit and because this project has inspired us all to become more involved. Click here for more information. The application process starts at a local Elks Lodge.

Our Sweethearts compete within their District. District Sweethearts compete to become the State Sweetheart. These are our State Sweethearts since we started the program in 1979.

Kent Fletcher, the 2017-2018 Texas State Sweetheart, from PanWest District, Amarillo Lodge # 923, will forever have the distinction of being the first man to ever win Texas State Sweetheart!


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by All Sweethearts
1979-80Birdie HudsonNortheastLongview Lodge #1128
$117,801.001980-81Ray DuplisseyNortheastLongview Lodge #1128
$121,431.001981-82Kathy InksNortheastTyler Lodge#215
$219,574.631982-83Pat ThomasNorthSherman Lodge #2280
$209,025.541983-84Johnie DuffieNortheastLongview Lodge #1128
$237,834.001984-85Bonnie ClarkNorthSherman Lodge #2280
$279,787.191985-86Jane SpiveyNortheastLongview Lodge #1128
$222,917.041986-87Dot LancasterNortheastParis Lodge #2433
$224,238.461987-88Shirley RobertsonNortheastLongview Lodge #1128
$224,343.041988-89Jerri StanfordNortheastLongview Lodge #1128
$231,064.701989-90Barbara GarrettSouthWeslaco Lodge #2057
$262,651.751990-91Patsy LomasSouthCorpus Christi # 1628
$237,117.631991-92Vera HeflinNortheastMarshall Lodge #683
$290,715.961992-93Patsy DavisEastLiberty Lodge #2019
$280,702.001993-94Audrey BracewellEastLiberty Lodge #2019
$291,818.001994-95Connie OwensNortheastLongview Lodge #1128
$310,533.001995-96Reita TannerEastBeaumont Lodge # 311
$262,926.001996-97Glenda ShannonEastLiberty Lodge #2019
$285,409.001997-98Dot EubanksNorthPlano- Richardson Lodge #2485
$216,409.001998-99Vicky MullicanNorthSherman Lodge #2280
$186,456.001999-2000Helena PhelpsGulf CoastKaty Lodge #2628
$214,779.002000-2001Debbie BrittonGulf CoastClear Lake Lodge #2322
$174,136.002001-2002Donna PowellGulf CoastKaty Lodge # 2628
$274,353.002002-2003Judy BlairNorthDeSoto Lodge # 2552
$312,050.002003-2004Elaine MeyersNorth CentralGrapevine Lodge # 2483
$316,714.332004-2005Sandi BoyettGulf CoastKaty Lodge # 2628
$384,882.622005-2006Janet SypertGulf CoastKaty Lodge # 2628
$405,248.102006-2007Jo Anne VeitenheimerNorth CentralWichita Falls Lodge # 1105
$437,291.732007-2008Cindy GallGulf CoastKaty Lodge # 2628
$406,331.872008-2009Irma PoormanGulf CoastKaty Lodge # 2628
$441,432.912009-2010Darlene CrisamoreGulf CoastKaty Lodge # 2628
$420,700.712010-2011Kelli Rene FrizzellGulf CoastKaty Lodge # 2628
$424,979.162011-2012Terry DoigGulf Coast Houston Lodge # 151
$430,600.592012-2013Sandy KieslingNorth CentralGrapevine Lodge # 2483
$449,915.982013-2014Jo Ann MadduxNorth CentralGrapevine Lodge # 2483
$487,620.122014-2015Jenny FrenchNorth CentralWichita Falls Lodge # 1105
$478,863.022015-2016Tammy IundGulf CoastKaty Lodge # 2628
$511,549.562016-2017Ann Powell Gulf CoastKaty Lodge # 2628
$501,091.322017-2018Kent FletcherPanWestAmarillo Lodge # 923
$434,1122018-2019Karen McCraryNorth CentralGrapevine Lodge # 2483
$482,9792019-2020Penny WhartonNorth CentralGrapevine Lodge # 2483