Does your Lodge need a basic website for collection of dues, as well as donations to Elks National Foundation and your Lodge Sweetheart? Each website will include a video as shown on the demo page. The contact address at the end of the video is the email address your Lodge would use for membership requests or information. All websites will have the web address followed by the Lodge’s name. You can see a demo here.

If a Lodge would like to add more information to their webpage, it requires that you have someone versed in WordPress. Assistance will not be provided to exceed the placing of the basic website. No exceptions.

The basic website is for PayPal. Lodges are a 501(c)8. You will need a business PayPal account, if you don’t already have one. DO NOT commingle money! Don’t mix a personal PayPal email address with your Lodge’s. The Lodge email address provided should send notification to your Lodge Secretary. We all know that monies received need to go through the Lodge Secretary. If necessary, you can set up a new, free email address at gmail. If you have any questions, please email Jon Perry.

Website Request

  • Does your lodge currently have a web address like that you'd like to forward?
  • What are the annual dues for:
    1. Member: $
    2. Life Member: $
    3. Associate Member: $
    We will need the HTML code for the PayPal buttons. Would you like assistance in providing the code?