TESA Americanism Brochure Contest

Your Lodge is involved in many patriotic and civic events throughout the year.  The Texas Elks State Association (TESA) Americanism Contest is an opportunity to share your successes, help document some great activities that can become part of your Lodge’s history and legacy, and earn your Lodge some TESA hardware!

The TESA Americanism Contest is judged with a combination of the number of Americanism-related events conducted during the Lodge year, and the “strength” of each event, with point values assigned.  For example, how many people were involved, the communication channels used (Lodge newsletter, Facebook, local newspaper, TV or radio, dollars involved).

Events that qualify would be flag retirement ceremonies, flag presentations, parades, activities with Veterans, Active Duty Military, First Responders, patriotic youth organizations, events involving local government officials or agencies.

The documentation can be very simple.  Just print out pages of newsletters, articles, pictures, flyers that document the events.  At least one page per event, and a few more pages for each if you need them (that helps show the “strength” of the event).

It is helpful to have an index or list of the different events (page numbers not needed) and is best in a basic 3-ring folder/binder.  We also need the Lodge membership as of April 1, the BEGINNING of the Lodge year being judged, certified by the lodge secretary.

Entries must be received by Americanism Chairman John Green by the second Friday of April.  

Send your entry to:

John Green

47 Cherrywood Cir.

Marshall, TX 75672